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Small Victories

October 16, 2012

  1. Dishes


    I don’t remember graduation.
    No exuberant ceremony of formal education.
    No grand “hooray!” for the grade books.
    I do remember several hypothetical situations.
    Cheap plot twists and metaphors and sloppy illustrations Designed to keep the audience on their toes,
    Eyes on the screen

    I shoot the scene perfectly
    I’m the director
    and actor
    and cinematographer
    and producer
    and writer
    and makeup artist
    oh it’s perfect.


    I do remember screaming at dirty dishes, Sprawled out and filthy
    Claiming territory I knew was mine. Dumb and docile,
    Puppet of some master hand.

    I inch forward.
    They flinch.
    “I’ve got you this time, dishes,” I say,
    “This time you’re going away for good!”

    Nobody understands how much they compromise
    When the person doing it isn’t me.
    (false bravado)
    I’ll give another chance to realize
    It isn’t me

    I never took the tame provisions.
    I’ll make my own if I have to.
    What kind of man would I be if I accepted charity?

    You know it’s time to get a clue.
    I have much higher standards than you. So maybe if you were more like me We’d get along


    • Ross Brown

      Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums, Synthesizers
  2. Download Play Isn't That Better


    When your parents get into it
    And your brother’s at school
    And they’re bringing down the hammer
    On poor little you
    I will not take you over to my house and soothe
    Instead I’ll call your mother dumb
    And your father a fool.

    Isn’t that better?

    When the pressure’s on
    And your papers are due
    I will not make you dinner
    Or supply you with food
    You’re far too pretty to become that consumed
    Instead I’ll write your thesis
    As if I were you

    Isn’t that better?

    When your kids grow up
    And I catch them smoking in the street
    I will not pass my hand across their chubby little cheeks
    I would not want to wake you from your life of ease
    Instead I’ll use the telephone to dial the police

    Isn’t that better?

    Now when you pass
    I must admit,
    I’m sorry to say
    I won’t do much remembering of your life at your grave
    Because all a grave reminds me
    Is the fact that you have died
    So instead I will remember you with photos taken
    When you were alive


    • Ross Brown

      Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Synthesizers
    • Mat Shoare

      Background Vocals
  3. Smile


    I put on nothing but a smile for you
    I put on anything you want me to
    but when you never open up those arms
    I get confused
    But lately you’ve put on a smile too
    And that makes me honest with you


    • Ross Brown

      Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Whistling
  4. Laodicea


    I’m due to clean up
    I will
    I’m due to get free
    and I will
    I’ll get around to it

    I’m due to call it quits
    I will
    I’m due to make amends
    I will
    I’ll get around to it

    I’m due for a change
    I will
    Got a lot going on
    But still
    I’ll get around to it

    Slow moving when you’re young
    Like honey dripping off the tongue
    Dedication never was fun

    I need to get the numbers
    I will
    I’ve never really had that skill
    But I’ll get around to it

    Slow moving when you’re young
    Like honey dripping off the tongue
    Dedication never was fun

    Happiness came and went
    It’s money that I’ve already spent
    I’ll come around to it


    • Ross Brown

      Vocals, Synthesizers, Drums, Keys
  5. Download Play Small Victories


    I’ve known it was you for a long time baby
    Your aim is perfect
    But your timing was off
    You shot at the game like you had a purpose
    But the game was over
    And your target was gone

    Small victories tell the truth
    If you can’t land a passenger plane
    Pack a parachute
    Small victories turn me on
    If you can’t be a steward of peace
    Better drop the bomb

    I seldom excuse the wrong behavior
    But there’s something to be discovered
    About your needs
    Few things bring them to focus
    Save for pen and paper
    Than a one-off circular romance fatigue

    Small victories tell the truth
    If you can’t keep a dinner down
    Better cut it in two
    Small victories turn me on
    If you can’t lead a coup d’état
    Better get along

    You’ll never notice it coming
    The thief waiting in the park
    You work without perception
    Slinging your paint in the dark

    Here’s to looking at you
    Dilligent farmer
    Digging through your lover’s land
    For something you’ve grown
    Underneath all of the layers
    Of another’s topsoil
    Must be the fruit of the seeds you’ve sown


    • Ross Brown

      Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums
  6. Superomance


    Hey girl
    What do you do?
    Do you go to school?
    Or maybe just work?
    What are your hobbies?
    Oh. Alright.
    What’s your favorite movie?
    Or maybe you’re more into books.
    Do you like poetry?

    Are you a morning person?
    Do you like waking up early in the morning?
    Do you eat breakfast?
    Do you ever wonder if the food you eat has an irreversible effect on your body?
    How many times a week do you overeat?

    Oh. Alright.

    How many bones have you broken in your lifetime?
    How has that affected your posture?
    Did you ever eat paper when you were a kid?
    Are your parents still together?
    How does your parents’ relationship affect your view of relationships? Have you ever gotten into quantum physics?

    How many pets have you had that have died?
    You’re not wearing glasses. Is that because you don’t need them or are you wearing contacts?
    How often do you wash your hair?
    How many times have you been in love?
    In a food crisis, who among your friends would you eat first?
    Do you think we’re compatible?

    How many people have you had sexual intercourse with?
    Justify that number.
    What happens to your soul when you die?
    How long can you safely store pulled pork in the refrigerator before it goes bad?
    How often do you use mathematics?
    How would you change how our government operates?

    What do you think about the starving children of India?
    What do you think I think about the starving children of India?
    Do you give money to homeless people out of guilt?
    How much money do you make?
    How much money do you make?
    How much money do you make?
    What does our age difference mean to you?

    Do you like to swim?
    Do you like to fly kites?
    How much do you do to physically prepare for what is considered “bathing suit season”,
    and is that something you consider important in attracting other people, specifically males?
    Contestant number one, if you were a piece of candy, what would your wrapper look like?

    How many times have you done heroin?
    Why don’t you call your mother as much as you should?
    Are you prepared to carry out the wills of elderly loved ones once they pass away?
    How much of your estate will you leave to your offspring?
    When is the last time you got an oil change?
    Why didn’t you finish school?
    Have you ever told a lie to a police officer regarding the amount of alcohol in your cir- culatory system?
    Can you dance?

    What do you want to eat?
    Seriously, the waiter wants to know.


    • Ross Brown

      Synthesizers, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Inquisitiveness
  7. Self Interest


    She was packing six by nine
    When her brother dropped a line from Timbuktu.
    He said “Your boyfriend’s here in town
    and he seems to get around fine without you.”

    So she waited at the airport
    All done up like an escort in disguise.
    And after catching his attention
    She blasted one right between his eyes.

    And as she pulled that trigger
    She muttered casually,
    “Now you do not have to think about me.”

    Self interest!

    Well a man from Alabama
    Proficient with a camera made a name for himself.
    Meanwhile a kid from New Hampshire
    Discovered he had cancer and was declining in health.

    So he found himself a photo,
    Made a poster and a slideshow to raise awareness
    The Alabaman realized
    His work was being plagiarized and sought out to establish some fairness

    And as he filed the court case
    He got up in the kid’s face
    “Think twice before you steal my work from me.”

    Self interest!

    The king of exhibition
    Held a private competition for new government.
    And as contestants played the game
    He vowed to entertain at least some of it.

    When a winner was announced
    The king officially pronounced the man as royalty.
    Then he stole the winning thought
    And screamed “I see your little plot to overrule me!”

    So as the blade came down
    The king did circle ‘round and say
    “God bless you all and long live me!”

    Self interest!

    A rascal and his brother
    Left alone with one another did some exploring.
    They found their mother’s china
    Took it outside behind the house and sent it soaring.

    Void of guilt inherent
    The oldest ran to his parents and started crying.
    “Look what my brother did!”
    And they refused to believe their kid could be lying.

    And so as his brother suffered
    He enjoyed a homemade supper
    And thought “boy I’m glad I’m not an only child.”

    Self interest!


    • Ross Brown

      Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Drums
  8. Lion's Den


    Holding my breath on part of your kitchen floor.
    I would have told you sooner.
    But then again, who wouldn’t want their only friend to move on in to the Lion’s Den

    Temperature’s rising, to a bright Fahrenheit.
    I would have told you sooner
    If I had known you would consider joining me as company in the Lion’s Den

    It’s about time we took the next step. Kindling for me and you.
    My heart’s on fire, and your apartment is too.

    A man in yellow grabs my shirt and drags me toward the hall.
    I pass a picture, framed, of us and smile. I know you wouldn’t mind at all.

    You’re standing outside on the ground, looking down.
    I could have showed you sooner.
    Pack up your things. You’re moving to my Lion’s Den where you will spend life with me.

    It’s about time we took the next step. Kindling for me and you.
    My heart’s on fire, and your apartment is too.


    • Ross Brown

      Synthesizers, Vocals, Drums, Guitars

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Ross filters his lyrical brain-leakage through an air of whimsicality and bravado, delivered from a soapbox of drums, guitars, and synthesizers. The result is something both holistically personal and emotionally protective.

Liner Notes


I am aware of grammatical errors in some of the songs. I am aware of the performance blunders in some of the songs. I am aware of the nonsensicality of most of the songs. I am aware that you are reading this, though I’m unaware of how you acquired it. I am aware of the fact that you might listen to these songs in your car or through earbuds or during work. I am aware that these songs will most likely never be heard in restaurants. I am aware that mp3 is a proprietary format. I am aware of the fact that guitars and drums are often made in factories.


I used the following items to make these recordings:

  • Fender, Rickenbacker, and Gretsch guitars
  • Gibson amplifiers
  • Gretsch, Rogers, and Slingerland drums
  • Zildjan and Istanbul cymbals
  • Microphones and consoles and synthesizers and outboard gear and ADAT machines and computers
  • Notes and chords and such
  • Time

Extra special thanks to Edd Cartier, original illustrator of the cover, wherever you are.
Mat Shoare asked “isn’t that better?” with me on the song Isn’tThatBetter?

The symbol ß will represent me in the following paragraph:

Written by ß over the course of a strange several weeks of casual indifference. Recorded by ß in ß’s basement, with the exception of SMILE, which was recorded in ß’s parents’ house when both parties still lived there. Mixed and mastered by ß at aforementioned underground establishment. Copyright 2012 ß.

Released by Golden Sound Records

None of these songs are about you.


...a brilliant conglomeration of melancholy jams and upbeat anthems that is sure to win you over ... pun intended.
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...a brightly detailed, adventurous solo album
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Small Victories 10/17/2012

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