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Secret Handshakes

April 21, 2012

  1. Hot Bright Night
  2. Liars
  3. Left For Dead
  4. Heavily Drugged
  5. The 1960s Divorce Rate Blues


    I'm not your housewife anymore
    I've got a head upon my shoulders and two feet on the floor
    I'm not your punching bag anymore
    I've got a heart full of conviction and I'm walking out the door
    I'm not your fallback anymore
    You would love me if I left you
    You would leave me if I loved myself

    I know that you have been trying hard, so very hard
    To be good to me
    So I will try my best, my very best
    To be true to you
    But you don't know the half of what I've seen
    And you don't know the half of where I've been
    But still I know that you will love me...
    Until the day you don't


    • Mat Shoare

      Vocal, Guitar
    • William Brent Wright

    • Ross Brown

  6. I Can Live My Life Alone

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A collaboration between Golden Sound Records and The Record Machine for Record Store Day 2012, featuring new and unreleased recordings from six bands from each label.

Vinyl orders include digital download cards for both sides and immediate download of the Golden Sound side.

Liner Notes

Golden Sound Records

  • Everyday/Everynight – Hot Bright Night
  • The Caves – Liars
  • Millions of Boys – Left For Dead
  • Fullbloods – Heavily Drugged
  • The Empty Spaces – The 1960’s Divorce Rate Blues
  • Baby Teardrops – I Can Live My Life Alone

The Record Machine

  • Soft Reeds – Funky Friends Breathe, OK
  • Max Justus – One Way
  • La Guerre – 23
  • Spirit Is The Spirit – Pillows
  • Ad Astra Arkestra – A Fish Would Much Rather Swim
  • Akkilles – She’s Alright