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Ross Brown

  • Ross Brown

    Guitars, Vocals, Drums, Bass, Synthesizers, etc.
  1. Download Play Isn't That Better Small Victories
  2. Download Play Small Victories Small Victories
  3. Download Play Education The Human Condition
  4. Download Play Bums And Drunkards The Human Condition
...a brightly detailed, adventurous solo album
The Pitch
...a brilliant conglomeration of melancholy jams and upbeat anthems that is sure to win you over ... pun intended.
The Deli

Ross Brown spends a lot of time in his basement, which is highly evidenced by his complexion and his often sporadic musical output. With his new solo album Small Victories, Ross takes time apart from fronting his band Fullbloods and playing drums in The Empty Spaces to compile eight songs of social anxiety and misinterpreted relationships.