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Hidden Pictures

  • Cameron Hawk

  • Corey Vitt

  • Claire Adams

  • Nate Holt

  • Richard Gintowt

    Vocals and Guitar
  1. Download Play Where Does The Story Go? Where Does The Story Go?
  2. Download Play Calling Christine Rainbow Records
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...instantly likeable, a jaunty pop tune with a sweet melody, carefully arranged instrumental parts and plenty of bright, clean harmonies and background vocals....
The Kansas City Star
The crisp, melodic, polite vocal combination of Richard Gintowt and Michelle Sanders mixed with bright retro pop sounds is a perfect fit for Golden Sound...
The Deli

Hidden Pictures began in 2008, when Michelle crashed the all-boys party that was the final lineup of Richard’s longstanding band OK Jones. Stepping up as backup singer, glockenspiel plinker, and, above all, artistic muse, Michelle brought new harmony to Richard’s table, which previously had been wrought with driving, Americana-tinged indie pop.

As Hidden Pictures, the duo released a self-titled debut of clever acoustic ballads about the joys and foibles of romance that laid the thematic foundation for the more adventurous work to come. Seeking to flesh out their sound, Richard and Michelle assembled a backing band of musicians and studio wonks representing the best of their native Kansas City scene. The newly expanded Pics produced two crisp EPs (Choosing Sides, Whitney Houston) before turning out the acclaimed 2011 full-length Synchronized Sleeping.

A fully-realized gem of reverb-laden hooks, tight harmonies, and Richard’s wry and sweet commentary on the push and pull of relationships, Synchronized Sleeping featured numbers like the pro-argument anthem “Choosing Sides,” the infectious library love story “Anne Apparently,” and the winking slowdance “For the Sake of the Streak.”

After dropping the two-song Tangerine EP and twice being nominated for Best Pop Band by Kansas City altweekly The Pitch, the Pics hit the studio with a new lineup to record a new set of songs to make your girlfriend want to break up with you less.

by Jason Harper, former music editor of The Pitch