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  • Matthew Gratton

  • Jerad Colton Tomasino

  • Mat Shoare

  • Evan Ashby

  • Nicholas Stahl

    Drum Set
  1. Download Play Body Electric etc.
  2. Download Play Music For Five Musicians etc.
  3. Download Play You've Died In A Dream etc. (single version)
  4. Download Play Everyday/Everynight Moon Phases
One minute, they’re belting out dancey numbers and flailing about the stage. Then suddenly, they’re standing still, crooning, and floating through a beautiful ballad...
i heart local music
Perfectly paced and patterned flawlessly
The Deli, Kansas City

Everyday/Everynight introduced themselves in the fall of 2009 with a lush, introspective debut record, Moon Phases, and have since continued to turn out mentally and emotionally stimulating indie rock. As the name implies, Everyday/Everynight explore a cycle of human existence; moments of wonder balanced by fits of chaos… From glowing anthems to raging art-punk the sound is nothing short of striking.

After releasing and touring in support of their folky concept record, Trust: A Trip To The Center Of My Head, the band has since returned to their more elemental roots.

What people are saying about the new material:

“[Everyday/Everynight’s] sound ranges from melodic, mellow indie-pop to experimental hard rock… I found Everyday/Everynight becoming one of my new favorite local bands.” -The Pitch

“a happy marriage of shimmering, atmospheric pop to angular post-punk romps.” -Ink

“grim and beautiful”
-Hear Nebraska

etc., the band’s third full-length record was released on May 17th, 2011 followed by a two-week tour of the East coast and Canada.

Their upcoming single, #Fire, will be released on November 13th, 2012 as a digital shirt. It will include a limited edition t-shirt as well as two new tracks from the band: #Fire and #16Monkies. This will be the first time the band has released music in an alternative format, and also marks the first time the band has released music written by new member, Matthew Gratton. It was recorded by Ross Brown at Rock Jack Studios. The band played their instruments and sang into microphones. Musically, it extends upon the mood of “etc.” while characteristically jolting off into new territory.

Nominated for “Best Emerging Act” by Pitch Magazine (2011)